“Built to Last”


Repair work usually refers to replacing rotten components of your house. Occasionally there will be some accident like a tree, a bird, or a plow guy that creates the need.

It is important that all repairs are done well not just to maintain a homes attractiveness, but to function as a component in a system to protect your home from the weather and deterioration. With over twenty years experience dismantling problem areas I’ve gotten to see all too well the importance of doing it right.

When poorly done “patch job” repairs are done they typically lead to greater structural damage a few years later. When we are replacing exterior parts we strive to be thorough in our assessment and make recommendations accordingly for a comprehensive quality repair. We generally prefer to replace a whole board instead of patching in a smaller piece. If we have to cut in to replace a board we’ll do it in a good location and we’ll take the time to cut an angled lap joint so that water will be trained away even after caulking and paint break down. We also apply oil preservative to not only the cuts on the new wood, but to the existing neighboring parts as well. These methods along with selecting premium parts insure that the construction is built to last.

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